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WAJA MABATI (WM) a member of WAJA GENERAL COMPANY was incorporated in 2016 and started with bulk production of iron sheets and its accessories and we now one of the leading manufacturers of steel products in Tanzania.

What roofing sheets we offer

Three types (profiles) of roofing sheets

Corrugated Profile

Available gauges for Pre-painted sheets are: 30G and 28G while for Galvalume (non color) are:

  • 32 gauges (G)
  • 30 gauges (G)
  • 28 gauges (G)

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Industrial Trough (IT5 and IT4) profile

Manufactured from high quality raw materials imported from up countries with trusted and quality steel products. Available Gauges  for IT5 are:

  • 28 gauges (G)
  • 26 gauges (G)

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Versatile Profile

Manufactured from pre-painted galvanized and Zinc Al steel coated with over 20 microns of coat paint. Available Gauges for Pre-painted sheets are:

  • 28 gauges (G)
  • 26 gauges (G)

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Waja mabati Branches in Tanzania

Dodoma Branch

Office: Rusha Roho block,near Jamuhuri Stadium

Tanga Branch

Office: Road Eight (8).Maua INN

Musoma Branch

Office: Baruti Street, near Bus Stop

Geita Branch

Office: GGM Road, Pepsi Street

Mbeya Branch

Office: Kabwe, near KKKT Ushaika wa Rwanda church